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Today’s question by the reader : Josephine

Author: Paulo Coelho

I very much enjoyed ‘A life in the Day – of the Boy from Brazil’ in the Sunday Times Magazine today. It was so different from the many famous people who are usually in this column due to the way in which you have shaped your life in reflective way.
Today in the Sunday Times, you are quoted as saying ‘ but there is a high price to pay for being different. I’ve paid a price for being different ……… I’m proud of my scars; they are like medals’.
Why do you think some of us are called to be different and make a difference and suffer the pain that this brings while others are content not to make a difference and therefore do not suffer the pain? Is this linked to our spirituality?

I’m not so sure about your assumption that people content themselves with what society asks of them. Furthermore, I don’t think they are as placid as you think.
Actually in my book The Pilgrimage I talk about this feeling. Indeed, when you abandon your dream, the first feeling that creeps in is a type of calmness, stillness. This is the first indication that something of precious in your soul is dying.
I would say that it is better to feel – completely – the consequences of your fight because these indicate that you are alive.
Of course, sometimes we wish to reduce the pain – and I think this is part of the battle. Ideally, the best would be to reduce the suffering in the realization of our dreams. Hence the need of allies and most importantly of all: faith.
The most beautiful accomplishment in my eyes is to fight with happiness in our hearts. I prefer this immensely more than some type of mild satisfaction of not taking risks.

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