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The importance of allies – Part 1

Author: Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

The warrior of light who does not share with others the happiness of his choices will never come to know his own qualities and shortcomings.
So before you start anything, find allies – people who are interested in what you are doing.
I am not saying “Find other warriors of light.”
I am saying: “Find people with different skills, because a warrior’s fight for his dream is no different from any other path that is followed with enthusiasm.”
Your allies will not necessarily be those people that everyone looks at in admiration and says: “there is nobody better.” Much to the contrary, they are people who are not afraid of making mistakes, so they make lots of mistakes. That is why what they do is not always praised or acknowledged.
Yet this is the type of person that changes the world and after many a mistake manages to get something right that will make all the difference to their community.
Allies are people who cannot hang around waiting for things to happen and later decide on the best attitude to take: they decide as they go along, even knowing that this type of behavior is very risky.
Living with allies is important for a warrior of light; together, they all understand that before choosing the objective they are free to change their mind. But after the objective has been decided upon, they focus only on the steps they have to take. And they think as they go along: “each step requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth the risk, it’s worth betting one’s very life.”
The best allies are those that do not think like most people. That is why, when looking for companions to share the enthusiasm of the dream, it is important to believe in intuition and pay no attention to others’ comments. Most human beings always judge others using their own limitations as the model – and sometimes the opinion of the majority is full of prejudice and fear.
Join all those who experiment, take risks, fall, get hurt and then take risks again. Stay away from those who affirm truths, who criticize those that do not think like they do, who have never taken a step without being sure that they would be respected for that, and who prefer the comfort of certainty to the tension of doubt.
Join those who expose themselves and are not afraid of being vulnerable: these watch what their neighbor is doing, not to judge him but rather to admire him for his dedication and courage.


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