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Association of the Week: Bread

Author: Paulo Coelho

Bread is the nutritional cornerstone of all the civilizations that handle the growth of cereals and the art of baking.

The Egyptians knew for instance 40 different types of bread and of cakes and they would commonly use the words “bread” and “beer” during their rituals. These two essential types of food would be the present in the afterworld.

In ancient Orient, bread was never cut but always “broke” which meant figuratively that “many would eat together”. Gradually this food was considered in the symbolic sense and the twelve bread shown in the Temple (Ancient Testament) are the symbol of the food for the spirit.

In the New Testament, reference is made to the fact that “man cannot only live of (material) bread” and so, during the Eucharist, men receive with the wine, the bread of life, which is the food for the soul.

The cycle of transformation of the cereal can also be transposed to the life of man: being planted, then mown and cooked. This way the soul would also be prepared for the divine feast.

So now you take the floor : what do you associate with Bread?

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