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Today’s Question by the reader : Rosa

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear Paulo,
Does living have any finality? Do I truly have a mission? Or is my passage in this world a matter of chance?

Dear Rosa,
It’s impossible for any human being to answer your question with utter authority.
But I see your question from another angle : what happens if you were to discover that life is meaningless?
As you can see – there’s a contradiction in here. If you are to “know” something about life, it will always be something that you can understand – even if it’s absurd.
As you can see, you can’t escape from meaning – and therefore I take the stand that there’s a mission for each and every one of us: to live the life that we choose.
To accomplish our mission is to walk the path of our personal legend.
Last but not least – if are passage in this world is a matter of chance – embrace that chance. It’s a miracle.

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