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Paul on the Road : from Pamplona

Author: Paulo Coelho

So with technical problems behind us hopefully, I’ll attempt to give you insight to my journey so far.

Position: In Camino del Perdon having spent the night in the beautiful Basque city of Pamplona…

One of the most important lessons (which of course I had learned in theory before;) the Camino has taught me thus far, is the absolute necessity to keep one eye on your destination (dream, goal, aim), one of which in my case, is to reach Santiago by May 13th, and to keep the other eye on the path. I have already paid the price for being to hasty and unconcentrated. None the less I have approx 100 km behind me in just 2 days. The second lesson, is the heavy load (backpack for five weeks) I am carrying is distracting me no end. I need far too long to unpack, repack, and it is so heavy that I am concentrating more on the burden of carrying it, than enjoying the beautiful scenery that the Camino has presented me to enjoy thus far.

I’m sitting in this wonderful little cafe writing on my mobile, among various nationalities, and I’m already feeling the magic that this path has to offer…

Now on to Puenta de la Reina, where I may overnight, making for the shortest daily distance (23 km) so far. So with lessons learned the hard, I’ll love you and leave you till this time tomorrow…

Be watchful,

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