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Paul on the road : from Villamayor de Monjarin

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear freinds, I have to appologize but my mobile is dead… at least until I can get to Logrono tomorrow hopefully. I am in Los Arcos after another long hard say from Puente de Reina, the weather has been very changeable with violent thunderstorms follow by bright sunshine…. typical April weather. Walking through the wonderful hills of the Rioja wine region, was really wonderful, even with or perhaps exactly because of the vibrant contrasts cast by the storms.

I stopped for a snack and to avoid a heavy shower in Villamayor de Monjarin and a younf man looked out of a small auberge and bekonned me in. With the smell of incense filling the room he started to ask what I’d like to eat, so we decided on a Bocadella (Typical white bread sandwich) and he filled it with tuna and eggs… delicious ;)

A very friendly guy, David Viclal Figuls was rushing around the small pleasing everyone with his friendly style. I noticed a book of Paulo?s “Like a flowing river” in his collection, and I asked him if had read other books by the same author, and he said he had and liked them very much. So I took his photo with the book in his hand and will send to Paula when my mobile is working again tomorrow. The absolute topper was that when I asked to pay the bill, he said give me what you think it was worth… I said no please tell me the regular price… he said no please give what you want as a donation for my Auberge… amazed at his wonderful trust and honesty, and given that he had made a fresh salad and supplied me with water, I put a somewhat higher amount (I believe) into his cash box. I said you are a truly nice human being… oh no he said humbly… please, you are God… (he meant it too…;) That’s customer service…;)

So with that story for the day I’ll say good night and please don’t worry when you don’t hear from me every single day, because sometimes there is no signal for hours on end, and the internet stations in the Auberges are allways occupied and time is short online. The mobile is ready for the junk yard… ;) Thanks for all your wonderful support, you travel with me all the way. Love, Paul

A special kiss for my wife and beloved daughter, don’t worry.

Love, Paul

PS: Paulo, I know that you understand the effect the Camino has on a person better than anyone, and I must admit, I did not expect the journey to quite as exhausting, both physically & mentally, as it is.
I’ll do my best to update as often as I am able. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you too Paula and Supi for your marvellous web support… bear with me, we’ll get this right. I’ll try to get the mobile sorted in Logrono. Love, Paul

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