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The Contemplative Quest

Author: Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Linda Sabbath took her three sons and decided to go and live on a small farm in the interior of Canada, where she wanted to dedicate herself completely to spiritual contemplation.

In less than a year she fell in love, got married again, studied the saints’ techniques of meditation, fought for a school for her children, made friends, made enemies, neglected her teeth, got herself an abscess, hitchhiked in snowstorms, learned to fix the car, thaw out frozen pipes, made her alimony stretch out at month’s end, survived on unemployment money, slept without indoor heating, laughed for no reason, cried with despair, built a chapel, made repairs to the house, painted walls, and gave courses on spiritual contemplation.

“And I eventually realized that a life of prayer does not mean isolation,” she says. “Love is so big it has to be shared.

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Stories & Reflections


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