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Paul on the Road from Foncebadon

Author: Paulo Coelho


Maximillian & Kirsten at Breakfast – Foncebadon

Following my rest day in Astorga, where I stayed in an hotel in order to be able to relax during the day when most Alberges are closed, I moved on at the weekend, firstly to Foncebadon where I met up with Nuria and Maximillian and Kirsten.
It was a long hot climb to the ghost town just below the highest point in the second half of the Camino. Kirsten, an IT student from Erfurt, was sitting with a group, enjoying the late afternoon sun and I asked her if there was any room at the inn… I was actually lucky enough to avail myself of the last bed and I asked Kirsten what was on the menu for the evening… They had not expected so many people so there wasn’t enough Paela to go around, so we decided to go to the infamous Taberna de Gaia, offering basic but very tasty medieval food… Knight Templar with chips ;-)
just kidding…

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