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Paul on the Road from Cacabelos

Author: Paulo Coelho

Manuel from Cacabelos

I headed out early the next morning for Ponferrada only to have somehow lost the signs, finding myself 2,5 kms beyond ;-( This was due to Scottish Doctor David who having filled himself with pain killers, raced off into the sunrise, uttering “I’ve got to get to Santiago”… :-) I wonder how much of the path he’ll remember…;-)?

I decided to go back and it was well worth it, to see the beautiful old town with its Templar Castle. A quick coffee con leche and I was on my way, alone to Cacabelos. There I stayed once more in an hotel because the Alberge was closed. The place was full to the brim with families celebrating Mothers Day & the Bierzo Wine festival. Manuel, my waiter at dinner, told me the story of how he had to first travel to Switzerland, in order to meet his wife, who was also Spanish, coming from nearby… So near and yet so far…

Up early this morning I have now reached Trabadelo and will spend the night to gather energy for the famous O Cebreiro tomorrow.
Till soon…
Love, Paul

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Stories & Reflections


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