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Paul on the Road : from Fonfria

Author: Paulo Coelho

An early start to avoid the heat, provided a wonderful climb through the lush pastures of the Valcarce valley with a pause to visit the beautiful church of La Faba.

Shortly thereafter I stopped to see if the Lamb was going to lead me to my sword… But it was too busy with lunch…;-)

Passing the border stone marking my entry into Galicia, I Carried on up to O Cebreiro and arrived just as a herd of Bus tourists were scrambling into the church to make photo’s to prove they had been there… But spending no time at all to take in the beauty of this small but well restored place of worship. Otherwise I’m afraid to say that the old Celtic site didn’t offer me the magical experience I was expecting and commerce rears its ugly head, with souvenir stores and expensive restaurants. So I made a beeline for the next Alberge some 16 kms away in Fonfria which lies in the beautiful rolling hills of the Galician farmland.

Stumbling upon the Alberge Raboleira, as it was the nicest building in this tiny ramshackle village, I was glad to end my 30 km day.

No time to waste before Angela, the owner an operator of the Alberge, made us all a fantastic meal, which always raises the spirits.

Maximillian played the guitar for us in the bar afterwards, where a friend of Angela, a British pilgrim by the name of Deano, who was doing the Camino 5 months ago and decided to stay and set up a riding school, was celebrating his birthday.

I decided to carry on… ;-)

Now on my way towards Sarria and had better get going before the sun reaches its zenith…
Love, Paul

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