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Revealing Shameful Acts

Author: Paulo Coelho

There is a small book here, in French called “Nasty Stories about Great Men”.

Of course we all have nasty stories that we wish no one to hear, but sooner or later, they will surface.

That’s why I permitted the publishing of my biography that’s not yet in English but is in Portuguese and Spanish.

So – you cannot hide – and what would you say to your children that you don’t dare to say now? What will they discover after you die?

I invite you to share this in the blog – either anonymously or with your real name. This way we can see that our vices are not that bad and that we are not the only ones with these flaws.

We can then see these defaults as qualities because we survived. We are warriors of light that even against all odds are able to follow our paths without surrendering to guilt.

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Stories & Reflections


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