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Your Story in my Blog : Possibilities by Barbara Zedler

Author: Paulo Coelho

Magdalena had a well-paid job with perfect working conditions. However, she got more and more frustrated each week because she was missing passion in what she was doing. Her job wasn’t hard but the lack of enthusiasm was stealing her energy.

Her father noticed that something was wrong with her. When she told him about her problem he said: “During World War II your grandfather was forced to work in a coal mine, deep underground for 4 years, not knowing if his family was alright.”

Magdalena began to think and felt really bad about not being satisfied with her job that offered such good working conditions. She said: “Dad I’m feeling so stupid, I’m so sorry that I complained. Granddad had to really suffer for 4 years and I’m complaining about the 4 DAYS that are left until weekend. I will stop being so discontent.”

But her dad said: “Your granddad wouldn’t have wanted you to value a job you don’t like just because he has suffered much more than you do. He would have wanted you to take the chance to find a work you enjoy because life is too short to fill it with things that you don’t feel are the right ones for you. He didn’t have the possibility to escape from what he was forced to do, it would have killed him if he had tried.

But you, you won’t get killed if you escape from what is making you feel depressed. Instead you would slowly kill all the passion that is left inside you if you continued. You are not forced to stay like your granddad was. He would have wanted you to stop whining and take the possibilities he didn’t have.

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