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Your Story in my Blog : Maktub by Bernadett Doka

Author: Paulo Coelho

My parents had split up last year; my mom has moved on; however my dad had realized what he had lost and has been fighting ever since to get the love of his life back.

I couldn’t see my dad suffering, so I decided to send 1-2 stories from the book called Maktub and have him translate it into Hungarian. This challenge was my cover to keep him occupied on a daily bases and it was used as an exercise to improve his English skills as well.

He looked forward to receiving a new set of stories each day, but never wondered where they came from. One day I gave him a hint that the stories are in fact written by my mom’s favorite author. Immediately he came up with the idea of giving my mom the perfect gift for Christmas. He decided to convert the translated stories into a book since it has never been translated into Hungarian.

His work is done and I must add that he didn’t just translate these stories word by word; he put his heart into them and Coelho’s words mixed with his passion and literature skills which he had locked inside of him unused for so long and it became something truly spectacular. He became a warrior of the light. Our Maktub was born and I realized that my dad is my Alchemist who has fulfilled one of his Personal Legends.

Every child’s dream to see their parents happy together; however we didn’t get the results we were expecting. She liked the book but it didn’t warm her heart.

By now we both had to learn to live with the fact that she may never come back to him but as the saying goes when one door closes another one opens.

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