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Your story in my Blog – What if by Gabriela Abalo

Author: Paulo Coelho

What will happen if today…….:
– I misbehave?
– I remove my mask and stop pretending?
– I do things without thinking twice or its consequences or what the others may say?
– I act as if I have the same innocence and the same will for adventure that I had when I was 6 years old?
– I’m spontaneous and I forget everything I have learnt?
– I call a friend to tell her how much I love and miss her and that I do not remember why we fought and I no longer care, because all I want is to have her back in my life. Since all I remember are the good moments we spend together and I want to enjoy them again.
– Instead of getting annoyed with the supermarket cashier because she is having a bad day and has decided to take it on me, I ignore her attitude and then treat her with more kindness than the usual one?
– I put on my best dress, shoes and perfume and sit to wait for my loved one, then when he comes and he asks me: “Where are you going gorgeous?” I just answer: “Nowhere, I was waiting for you!”
What will happen if……?
The list is very long; there are so many things we do not do because we are afraid of breaking the rules, or to be labeled as crazy or risking everything we have…
So what! Life is supposed to be fun, so let us dance while we travel our road, always remembering that what matter most is the way we travel and not to where we are heading to!

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