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What do you see when you stare at a blank wall?

Author: Paulo Coelho

I asked this week to friends to stare a blank wall – what do you see?

In my case, I’m used to stare to a blank wall or a candle – but I don’t try to empty my mind because this is impossible. I rather try to follow my train of thought on what happens inside of me and I’m not entirely conscious.

When I wrote the post on staring at the blank wall, I remember I was trying to think about songs, then about the name of the artist, at the same time I was thinking about of the plumber that had to show up in order to fix something in the house. Then I started to thinking about useless things and then I felt like having a coffee – but I still had two minutes to go. So these two minutes took an eternity and then I tried to make time run faster. This is when I get distracted and think about nothing. Then, all of the sudden, you realize that three minutes of your life have passed.

Having said that – meditation is quite interesting. If you do that every day, for only three minutes, if you relax and try to calm yourself by starring at a blank wall or candle, or even closing your eyes and say to yourself “I can spend 10 minutes of my life in silence” – then you will see how things will improve. Because you unconscious mind goes to your conscious mind and somehow you start having intuitions that once were buried and now you can see.

So: stare to a blank wall and share here what you see.

P.S : I read that the sound is not very good, so please activate the subtitles in it.

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