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Your story in my Blog – Stars by Ani Chibukhchyan

Author: Paulo Coelho

I was looking at the sparkling stars and wondering how do they look like from close distance. Are they nice, or like the moon they are grey, stony and cold? Is their light just an illusion born from the long distance between us and them? Are they modified and enhanced by our imagination and hidden desires?

You can wish on a falling star. But have you ever thought where they fall to? What happens to them after that? Maybe they reach the earth and get lost in the crowd. Small, lost stars living among us and making our days brighter.

Or maybe with that last fall they sacrifice their lives for our wishes. Are our wishes worth stars or are we wasting them simply because at that unexpected moment we couldn’t think of anything better?

What would they tell, if we could talk to them? How do we look from up above? I guess our “huge” problems are so small and unnoticed from there, and our “big” plans seem so funny in the cosmic time frame. After all we are only a fraction of second, a small piece of life from their point of view. We are so small and weak, that we depend on star’s decision to fall or not.

We spend years looking for our soul mates from the opposite sex. Some are lucky to find them at the end, some are not so lucky. And the kind stars are smiling at the first and regret that they can’t show the way for the second group. They watch the chaotic movements of people, who always look for what they don’t have, don’t see what they have and dream of what they don’t really need.

Stars keep falling, but the world does not get better. People still stay blind and make mistakes. They wait for the night in order to fall asleep and escape the reality, see dreams and enjoy the sensations.

But some people don’t sleep. Those enjoy the silence of the night, absorb the intense darkness of the sky and observe the sparkling stars… The stars which shine so bright, live so far and grant us only one falling wish each…

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