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Your story in my Blog – “Days are never the same” by Candie Bracci

Author: Paulo Coelho

“Running through my veins the sweet poison of love
That can transform a crow into a dove
Burning the incandescent flower
That can transform a thought into power
Feeling the scars drawn into your heart
That can tranform a road into a map
Welcoming the one you really are
That will transform a stone into a star”

He stared at those words hanging on the wall,written here on a huge painting.He didn’t know what to think about it.He was trying to marry the words together.He married « love » with « dove » but then thought that « love » would go better with « scars »,and with « poison » or « incandescent ».He was today in a strange mood.A sarcastic one.He realised that he has been standing up in front of that painting for about twenty minutes now and nothing had happened.Usually he would be transported by the painting.Thoughts will come into his head and new ideas to developp but today,nothing.Empty.He thought about going to get a coffee…

As he turned his back from the painting,he felt like someone was pulling his shirt.He turned to see what would remain in his memory for the rest of his life.The words on the painting had been removed and been replaced by new ones.He could read now: « sometimes,the best way to achieve things is just to stop thinking about getting them. »He smiled and was now able to marry the word « love » with « star ».

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Stories & Reflections


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