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Your story in my blog : Keeping the act by Gabriela Abalo

Author: Paulo Coelho

based on Paulo Coelho’s book “The Winner Stands Alone”

Celestine is once again looking at her face, checking if everything is in place. She looks stunning as usual, being the perfect picture of success, the dream of her many fans around the world; she’s well known, rich and successful. All that and much more was the prize for selling her soul!
A dry sarcastic smile suddenly dresses her beautiful face, with resignation she lights another cigarette and sips some more champagne, as if this could erase her apprehension and bitterness. She hates her life and many times contemplates the idea of ending it, as there is nothing to live for! But then, what an example will she set to others! To all those that have put her on a pedestal and look to her for advice and leadership…
If they knew that she is just a preacher but not a believer! What will happen to them if they ever know she is “just an act? Will people come to spit on her grave or will they come to put red roses on it?
At the very beginning she loved what she did, she did believe in everything she wrote and talked about. But fame came to her by surprise and like a drug she was hooked. From being a nobody to suddenly be someone was too much for her to handle, her “ego” took over and she become the “guru” she always condemned.
What was supposed to be a life inspiration to others became a mere business, a product that needed to be sold to a demanding competitive market. Things where no longer driven by the heart; instead they were driven by business advisors, publishers, event promoters, markets trends, etc. She did try to resist at the beginning, but then she was afraid of losing everything… the fame, the money, the trips around the world and her endless admirers. So she crossed the line knowing there was no coming back.
A lazy mischievous smile resembling the long forgotten Celestine illuminates her face, secretly suggesting what she is thinking… today she could surprise everybody, including herself; she could cross the line again and break free! But then the fear slaps her again shutting down any intention of not keeping the act.
Breathing deep she smirks at her reflection and with a sudden strength she stands up and slowly begins to walk towards the TV studio where the reporter is waiting for her….

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