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Your story in my blog : A scratch in the facade by Heart

Author: Paulo Coelho

…’when a horseman falls off his horse…if he does not remount immediately, he will never have the courage to do so again’…

Have you ever been in a car accident? Well, we were on a business trip to Waterford Ireland, a group of five, six. As I had lived in Dublin, it was decided, I became the designated driver. Mind you, the year in Dublin, I didn’t drive much at all, as driving on the left side of the road is confusing. Well, we had a big rental car, larger than the Fiat I usually drove. I still don’t understand how I got us from the airport through Dublin, and on the road south, but instinctively, knowing quite a bit about the city, I got us there, and felt pretty proud about it.

Things were going well, and we arrived to Waterford safely. Many of the roads south were very narrow and curvy. So, after several days doing our business, and of course visiting the tourists destinations, and socializing till late night hours, it was time to return. The weather started to act up. It poured down and the windy weather was as brutal as it only can be on ‘the green island’, Ireland. I suggested some of the men do the drive back. But, no, they all agreed, I drove so well in the first place, I’d take them back too.

All I remember was some very dark, narrow road, looking through the front window, which was hammered with heavy rain and brown leafs. This was in the fall. Slowly we drove towards Dublin. Things was going ok. Then, of course, I was taking a left turn, and again being in the left lane, I totally misjudged the operation, and we all heard a loud, ugly sound of breaking metal. Not quite understanding ‘What was that?’, we stopped the car and all went outside in the rain, to take a look at the damage. The rental car, a brand new car of that year, I don’t remember what brand, but my failed left turn, had so to speak ruined the entire side of this exclusive car. I was in a shock, and felt of course bewildered. The car was still drivable, but I assured them, there were no way, I’d take the drivers seat again!

However, a co-worker insisted, after an accident, there is just one thing to do, get back in the car and drive, or you might never want to drive again. He told a story of how his oldest son, borrowed his car, on his first day with a drivers license, and totalled the car, but how his dad, told him to go driving again in moms car! So, all shaken, he forced me back in the drivers seat, and I got us back to the Dublin airport, again, I don’t know quite how. The rental car was of course insured, so guess we all could relax, me with a ‘scape in the paint’ as they say.

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