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While moderating the forum on Homosexuality, I realized that all the justifications pro and against Homosexuality are based on religious dogmas. I’m myself a catholic, but looking to this current pope, I don’t think I’m doing a lot of good to my church. At the same time I have to respect some dogmas, things that I believe, things that beyond the human condition.

How far can we go, when we realize that what the priest or the rabbi, or the imam says goes against our beliefs?

I think that althought we belong to an established religion, sometimes you have to take your spiritual path in your hand. I’m not talking about new age, new theory, thinking that you can put everything in a basket or choosing that we are going to create our own religion. I’m talking about the importance of being capable of distinguish between things that are really important to us and things that somehow maybe manipulated by our religion. So, I’m looking forward to your opinions on this subject.

And, yes, I have a white t-shirt again.
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Stories & Reflections


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