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Paulo Coelho has a Live Q&A with fans This Friday!

1 – Click on the big red button called “Join Event”

a / Click on “Register for VOKLE”
b / Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Postal Code, Gender, BirthDate
c / Click on “Register to VOKLE”!

2 – A new screen appears to congrat you with a big red button called “ENTER EVENT”, click on it.

3 – As I am answering only written questions, skip Cam and Mic in the next screen

4 – Now, the little window will be fullscreen and you’ll enter to the Live Event.
This full screen is in two part, the top and the bottom.
You have my live streaming video and “ASK A QUESTION” button on the top.
You have Twitter streaming and Chat between visitors on the bottom.

5 – When you want to ask a question to me :
a/ Click on the big red button called “ASK A QUESTION” on the top – right side of the screen.
b/ Now, 2 buttons appears at the bottom of the screen.
c/ Click on the big white button called “Text”.
d/ Type your question in the box and click on the button “SUBMIT”.
e/ Your question is now submitted, click on the button “DONE”.
f/ Now, you return to the Twitter & Chat at the bottom, and you await for your question transferred to me by Supi.

Supi will manage the event. So, if you have technical questions, you can enter them in the chat, he’ll reply to you. But I won’t check the chat window. Therefore, don’t ask your questions there, I’ll only reply your questions submitted from the “ASK A QUESTION” button.

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