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“The warrior’s life” by Kealan

Author: Paulo Coelho

Kealan sent the link, and I believe it is a very personal and interesting review. He refers to my biography “The warrior’s life” recently published in English, Spanish (El |Mago) , Portuguese (O Mago) (other languages next year)

I asked myself the question what I would gain from reading the book ‘A Warrior’s Life.’ The book which has just been released in Ireland, written by Fernando Morais depicting the life of Paulo Coelho from his birth up until the 24th of August 2008 (Ironically I wrote to Paulo the very next day as I was tempted to visit him in Lourdes for his birthday – but instead I was personally invited to the next two St. Joseph’s parties both held in Paris).(Note: I always invite 20 readers from my social communities, based on a contest)

I bought the book on a cold damp day in November 2009. As soon as bought the book I sat in a café and read the first few pages! After coffee and a scone I went home and sat in my bedroom and read until 4am.
I got up today at 2.30pm and began to read again until 9pm when I completed reading the last page, this time sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and having the occasional smoke outside (where I fear a negative presence I stalking the past few days – I must pray more).

Was I shocked by what was written in this wonderfully accounted history of a man’s life? Yes and no…

When I read some of the texts I thought no way – but as I mentally digested the sentences I understood that it was a different point in time in a different country. I though for the most part that it was quiet an interesting life to lead and I am very envious of Coelho’s magnetism with women & of course the fact that he is rich! Coelho’s life for the most part is a romantic tragedy.

The mental illness & looking for due glory – as far as I can analyse these factors have both got their roots embroiled in Paulo’s birth. The man who was born dead; this would have unconsciously effected the growing mind of a child leading to anxiety causing – asthma, panic attacks, OCD and depression/suicide (along with mounting anxiety in later life). The technical term is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Freud states that a neurotic is incapable of enjoying life). Looking for due glory? Coelho expected something from life – he was after all saved from death by St. Joseph – his near death experience may have triggered the idea that he is due something more in life.

How do I know this? In 1986 while Paulo Coelho was walking the road of St. James I was three years of age & trapped under a cast iron gate unconscious with a fractured scull and sitting on deaths door. Three days later I woke from a coma as bright as rain. As I grew older my parents told me of the thirty-five Catholic Nuns who prayed to god for three days as I lay in the hospital. Of course I have my own ideas of self greatness and that one day I will have my name in lights! So I can understand the struggle of being esoteric and trying to bring something wonderful for people to read.

The sex was not surprising. All I can say is lucky you! Although I would not advise masturbating into the light!

The drugs – again not surprising & I’m glad that somebody has shared their experience and publicly admits to have nothing more to do with that type of lifestyle.

I was most surprised that the book developed out into Paulo’s intimate relationships.
I did not expect to find a chapter relating to his current partner, but in saying that, I was enthralled by Christina’s story… Wow! and the stories of the other women in his life. Another aspect which, and I cringe to use this word again, surprised me, was the extensive diaries Paulo kept; amazing… truly amazing. I feel without the use of these diaries the book would not have had the edge we were all looking for while reading. The personal thoughts and activities kept over the decades.

On a last note – I have been fighting internally my involvement with the paulocoelhoblog for sometime now. In an ever expanding cynical world, I as a writer, as a fan/fanfictionalist, as somebody participating – do not want to be seen as said in the Winner Stands Alone ‘a jaded hanger on.’ I do not want to covet anything – I have learned, laughed, cried, participated and met.
Before I became involved in the blog I had my own esoteric experiences in life, like may others, but the hands of time guided me towards this light – and what a wonderful light. Now as I see myself at 27 years old, no present friends or relationships, financially ruined and living at home in my parent’s house – I am suffering to fill a void which I can only fill myself…through writing.

P.S. Fernando; if you ever read this – thank you for a wonderfully gripping book. I enjoyed your style of writing & you are a great story teller. I did not loose interest once!


a] I don’t earn rights from this book.
b] Fernando Morais took 5 years to write it, and he used my personal files
c] by mutual agreement, I only read the book when it was published in Portuguese
d] I must confess that I was a little shocked with my life, but I survived

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