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Author: Paulo Coelho

The Quest of the Sword (the “Quest”) is a challenge designed and launched by Paulo Coelho (the “Author”). The Author may adapt from time to time the rules of the Quest (the “Rules”), in which case the new Rules will be immediately posted on the website of the Quest. The Quest will automatically end on [December 31, 2010] in the event no winner has been designated by the Author before that date.

The participants to the Quest acknowledge that it does not grant them any right or entitlement against the Author or anyone else.They further understand that in no circumstances will they be entitled to recover any of the costs or expenses incurred by them in their pursuit of the Quest. The participants They further agree to have information related to them may be disclosed by the Author on the website of the Quest or otherwise. The participants undertake upon request to provide the Author with their own picture for posting on the website.

The Author shall designate the winner of the Quest based upon his own assessment of the first participant’s successful completion of its successive steps (photos). The Author’s decision shall be final and binding on all participants and will be immediately posted on the website of the Quest.

The Rules and participation to the Quest are governed by Swiss law with exclusive jurisdiction of the Geneva courts.

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Stories & Reflections


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