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As you can see in the graphic above, we are now with an average of half a million people visiting this blog. The mouse is showing March stats.
In the first 12 days in April (dot on the far right) , we had 202.736 unique visitors, more than in November 2008. If the trend continues, we are going to have over 550.000 in April.
There is a jump in August 2009 (when I put free books) and in May 2009 (when we had Arash’s issue) but from January 2010 the blog goes close to 600.000, and then stabilizes around 500.000 unique visitors per month.
So I would like to thank you for your strong support, and I am really looking forward to new ideas to implement here. Since July 2009 I decided to reduce the blog to 2 updates per week ( Wednesday and Sunday), and I kept the WOL community, that served its purposed and it is now closed.
For any new idea, please write to [email protected] but it seems that the blog is fulfilling its task.

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