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Blog: changing the server

Author: Paulo Coelho

As you probably noticed here, we are having more and more visits to this space. The blog has now over 600.000 unique visitors a month, compared with 240.000 in June 2009.
Although I am very satisfied with our current hosting ( this blog was offline only twice in the past 3 months, and the problem was quickly solved), I decided to host it in Brasil for one simple reason: we work in the same time zone.

Today we will start all the necessary steps to transfer the IP. Tomorrow I am traveling to Munich for DLD (Digital Life Design) and Suphi will take care of the changes, together with Henrique and Dennis.

How does this changes affect the blog?
a) for a period of time after the initial procedures, that may last for four days, I will have two addresses. So many comments may be lost, as they may be randomly posted in Brasil or in US
b) they need to run several tests to be 99,999% sure that everything will work fine.
c) during this period, I can’t update the blog until all the computers in the world recognize the Brazilian IP. (Don’t ask me why!)

Too complicated? It is also too complicated for me, but it is how things work.
So, to cut a long story short, we will have this blog fully operational again by Friday (I HOPE!).

During the final step, Suphi will close all comments for 24 to 48 hrs, so your opinions will not be lost. When you see the comments open again, that means that we are fully operational.

Thanks for your support and understanding

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