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Lady Gaga & Silentium Galvanus

Author: Paulo Coelho

SILENTIUM GALVANUS ( CALA BOCA GALVAO) is a homeopathic remedy produced by Airton Krauniski Labs in Brasil. Normally used during the World Cup to avoid apoplexy duing a match. There are some rumours in Twitter that someone gave an overdosis to Lady Gaga, who now is considering recording a new single, “Cala Boca Galvao”, currently #1 in the TT
Disclaimer: we Brazilians are very creative

SILENTIUM GALVANUS é um remédio homeopático produzido nos laboratorios Airton Krauniski, e usado durante as Copas do Mundo para evitar apoplexia durante um jogo. Corre um rumor no Twitter que alguém deu uma overdose a Lady Gaga, que agora considera gravar um novo single, “Cala Boca Galví£o”, atualmente #1 nos TT

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