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As for this morning, final day of July, we are over 811.000 hits ( 50.000 views in three days). Again, thank you for your strong support
I will give you fresh stats by November.


I thought we might have a descending curve in July, as most people are currently on vacation. However, with still two days to go, we are already over 766.000 visitors this month (see the graphic above, the mouse is pointing to July)
So you may ask:

a] How many people work here?
Only two: Suphi and I.

b] Is this a non-profit blog?

If you consider only monetary terms, the answer would be “yes”. The clicks on the online bookstores this month are less than 3.000, all buttons considered.

c] You did not answer my question: is this a non-profit blog?

NO! You cannot measure your rewards only in monetary terms. I believe that, by sharing texts of mine, and writing about my favorite characters, the poems and music I love, etc. is the best reward I can have.

Each and every one of us needs to contribute to a better world. Twitter, Facebook and this blog are my way to share things that I do believe can help us in this task.
Thank you for your strong support. Please keep in mind that every comment you post here may be read by dozens of thousands of people.

Let’s hope together we can reach 1 million people by December 2010.

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