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Las Valkirias (Espanol)

Author: Paulo Coelho

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Translation by my friend Marie-Christine (who was there – in Santiago de Compostela – when the interview was recorded, by the way):

“The Valkiries” the new Paulo Coelho’s book

It is one of the most succesful author in the world, Paulo Coelho new novel “The Valkiries” an autobiographic works in which the brasilian author and his wife have crossed, during a period of a month and a half ,the Mojave desert in the United States, and which, according to the author himself, has changed his life.

A journey of dreams, of his personal legend, this is “The Valkiries” , the new Paulo Coelho’s novel, a journey of 40 days through the Mojave Desert which, says the author has changed his life.

…”the cult life .I apply it every day.Looking around me and I see that anywhere I look, there is life and this life is…. “Paulo Coelho

The author himself affirms that there is always a “before” and an “after” of this trip, “yes” who truly has changed my life”. Paulo Coelho

Originally written in 1992, it provides an autobiographical journey and like an extra step towards the research of perfection to arrive to “become a master.”
An intention to imitate the same experience as Jesus in the desert.

..”These 40 days in the desert have changed me a lot..I believe there is a tradition.” Paulo Coelho

“Some of these feelings have remained to take shape in the book’s images, one of these experiences, in particular very difficult, which almost cost the life of the author and Cris, his wife, who accompanied him during this personal retreat.”

“..I, Myself spent a lot of moments in confrontation with myself.” Paulo Coelho

“Coelho insists that we are not alone. The world is transforming itself… the angels are guiding us and are protecting us.” They are teaching us, as with him, an apprenticeship that ends, when one arrives at what himself defines as “becoming a master.”

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