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Today, among several google alerts on my name, there were two that I decided to post here. Above, a video made by János Kovács and below a text published today in Scarlet Work Blog
P.S. – to listen to the beautiful song in the video, please stop the Gregorian Chant in the sidebar

I have a purpose, I have a dream!
Its been many years. Not too many actually, since I finished college – but two years. But its been so many years since I first set foot on this world. ;-|… 23 to be precise. I look back at the days I used to dream. The days I wished I could become someone who’s life reached heights that I’ve always dreamt of.

I wanted to become someone, who’d reach great heights. Deep within the heart everyday thinking of the great purpose I’d one day serve. I’ve ended up being a mediocre engineer with a job (that means some routine stuff that’ll begin to prove you’ve lost your track!), and the same old dream again.

What is it that my subconscious wants me to do? That purpose which I wish to serve seems to me to be a big thing to aspire for. But yes, I have set my heart for it – yes I know I can’t live with this same kind of work and routine, for the rest of my life. I want to achieve that goal, I want to realize my dream!

Ever read the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho? Coelho seems to be a master at expressing with clearness, the big thing which he simply names ‘dream’ and the elegance with which the boy pursues his dream. Simply excellent. I guess I am a poor fish in this respect. I love that book. The story is exactly the kinda stuff I wished would happen in my life. It doesn’t mean I want something out of nothing. I know that nobody ever could get something for nothing. You have to give – time, effort, more than anything – belief. Belief in your dream, belief that your subconscious points in the right direction, belief that you’ll one day make your dream come true. That’s the price we pay to achieve the big thing.

Everyone does his job. But is your job all that is to your life? Let’s say you ended up in a job which you really wouldn’t have wanted to do. A job which was meant to be a stepping stone in helping you climb a better height… But that’s just a job – its not your dream. I have always considered my job to be just that same thing – something which would elevate me to a better height. But the fact that you have a job to take care of your own self and perhaps a family doesn’t mean everything. There’s still a goal that is left unattended… unattended? sorry if that’s wrong English. There’s a dream inside, burning.

I have read a book – A book which I strongly believe in.. one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. If you scrolled through the archives of this blog you could find a post written almost 2 years ago about this book. The Magic Story. It had a mesmerizing effect on me. What it says is pretty simple. But the way the authour has put it is where the magic is. There is no defeat for man till the moment he really dies. Life has ups and downs, but all things are lifeward. Ask of no man permission to perform.

Im wondering – what still holds me back? I have to get going with the right stuff that will send me in the right direction. In the direction of my dream. The shepherd boy in The Alchemist had a dream and he set out for it, when he thought he could no more hold back his raging passion. I have to set my vision on that thing which will send me towards my dream.

I have to stay awake and be watchful for clues. Your subconscious talks to you in hunches. Be attentive and listen to your heart. Its giving you signals, its showing you directions in the form of sudden impulse or signs. You need to heed them. Believe in it. Ask the right question at the right time and your questions will be answered. You’ll be travelling in the right direction. One fine day, you’ll reach your goal. Believe in yourself.

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