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This blog: November 2010

Author: Paulo Coelho

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With still two days to go, we are over 1.650.000 views in November. That means that we are going to cross the 1.700.000 mark.
The good news: this is fantastic – a place were people from all over the world discuss issues that are important to all of us.
But we need to correct the instability provoked by this exponential growth. In the past two weeks the blog was offline quite a few times.
Suphi, my webmaster, will take all the necessary steps next week to either moving to another server, or changing the platform (WordPress)
Just for you to have an idea, on the 20th of November alone we have 97.271 clicks – more than in the 30 days in May 2008 ( 95.117)
We will solve the instability before the next weekend.
Thank you all for your understanding

UPDATE 30/11 2:28 PM (Paris Time): the blog reached 1.751.778 this month, and – again – went offline today ( 11:30 AM).
We decided to change to VIP WordPress. The migration will take around 3/4 days, as Suphi told me.
VIP WordPress asked for several changes, but at least they have over 1.000 servers (and they host CNN, NY Times, etc.)
Again: thanks for your understanding.

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