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20 SEC READ: Barbers don’t exist

Author: Paulo Coelho

A man went to trim his hair and beard. As always happens, he and the barber chatted about this and that, until – commenting on a newspaper article about street kids – the barber stated:

– As you can see, this tragedy shows that God doesn’t exist. Don’t you read the papers? So many people suffer, abandoned children, there’s so much crime. If God existed, there wouldn’t be so much suffering.

– You know something? Barbers don’t exist.

– What do you mean, don’t exist? I’m here, and I’m a barber.

– They don’t exist! – insisted the man. – Because if they did, there wouldn’t be people with such longs beards and such tangled hair.

– I can guarantee that barbers do exist. But these people never come in here.

– Exactly! So, in answer to your question, God exists, too. It just so happens that people don’t go to Him. If they did, they would be more giving, and there wouldn’t be so much misery in the world.

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