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Do you need a lot of time between books? Do you need time for a story to live in your imagination? (from Hadrian )

Actually, when I’m not writing I dedicate myself completely to live. I don’t seek stories or anything of the sort. I simply enable myself to be immersed in life – this way I know that somewhere along the line a novel will take hold. But I can’t force this.

Have you ever thought of writing a sequel for the Alchemist? (from Adam )

No – for me a book has a beginning and an end. It has never crossed my mind to write a sequel to any of my books.

Are all the feelings that guide you through your books the same ones that resonate in your life? (from Paloma)

The feeling that guides me through my books is the need to share. In this perspective others are essential. As a writer I cannot write a book while being isolated from people. Books only emerge from this interaction.

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Stories & Reflections


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