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Which one is the best?

Author: Paulo Coelho

Today Harper Collins UK sent to my agent the suggested covers for ALEPH
In your opinion, which one is the best?

You may argue: but we don’t know anything about the book. You may click in the name above for a small description; but what matters is which one, in a bookstore, will be more attractive.

The English edition of ALEPH will be published in September . Click HERE to know other publication dates

Please leave your comments here, in this post.


O post é em ingles porque estamos falando da capa na Inglaterra, Australia, Nova Zelandia e Canadá.
Hoje a Harper UK enviou as sugestíµes de capa para minha agente. Qual é a melhor, na sua opinií£o?
Isso dito, eu adoro a capa de O ALEPH no Brasil
Com amor

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