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Today I met a Korean who read my hand: a funny character, a wise man for the others but incapable of learning what he teaches.
Of course, like all fortune-tellers, he thought that I wanted to know about my love life, so he told me things that I always need to hear:

a] I am looking for security and adventure at one and the same time, and these things do not go well together (I said nothing, but if I had to choose, I would take adventure).

b] I fall in love very quickly, and get bored just as fast. “Learn to love yourself,” he said.
My problem is not exactly love, because I manage to fall in love so easily – my problem is to show this love, my relating with others.

Why do I get into so many frustrated relationships with so many men?

Because I feel that I always have to be relating with someone – and so I am forced to be fascinating, intelligent, sensitive, and exceptional.
The effort of seducing makes me give the best of myself, and that helps me.

Besides, it is very hard to live with myself.

by Agneta J.

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