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ALEPH: finalists

Author: Paulo Coelho

In May 2011, when I crossed 5.000.000 friends on Facebook, I had asked you all what we should do to celebrate.
One of the suggestions was to work together on a project. And then ALEPH, THE VIDEO CONTEST was born.
The idea was based on the title of my new book, currently published only in 6 countries ( #1 in all of them!), and scheduled to be published in the rest of the world in the coming months (here are the PUBLICATION DATES)

I had expected to have around 20 to 50 submissions, but to my surprise, hundreds of videos were posted.
All of them were made with love, enthusiasm and creativity, dealing with a point that condenses space and time.

Below you will find 15 selected videos. I already know the winner and the 2nd runner up, but I am having trouble in selecting the other 4 winners, so I decided to post all of them here (including the ones that I selected, BUT that I am not telling you) for you to see and eventually help me. It is not a voting system (as this depends very much on how many friends a finalist has), but your opinion will be taken into consideration

Please leave your thoughts in Comments (at the end of the post)
Thank you to all who participated. You are great.


When you pass the mouse, you will notice that every video has a number (from 1 to 15). Please write your opinion using the number.
Thank you

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