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“Don’t you get tired?”

Author: Paulo Coelho

People ask me: “Don’t you get tired of the fame and doesn’t it interfere you in your (creative) work? ” I never feel “tired” of this fantastic chance that was bestowed on me. On the contrary I try to honor this gift every day of my life.

I write for myself and therefore how others react to my writings has never been that important to me.

What is important to me, at every single launch of a new book, is the moment when the first reader will touch my book in the shelves of the bookstore. I get very excited about this and recently I realized that I was still able, after publishing many books, to feel exactly the same way as in the release of my first book, The Pilgrimage.

Of course, with success, the dimensions change but the inner feeling of sharing my soul with others remains intact.
I’m living the dream I had in my youth but I never look upon this dream as something that has an end.

As long as I’m able to live, I hope I will continue to face the challenges – agony and ecstasy of a new book.

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Stories & Reflections


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