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Searching for a meaning

Author: Paulo Coelho

What is this force that drives us far from the comfort of the familiar and makes us take up challenges instead, even though we know that the glory of this world is only transitory?

I believe this impulse is called the search for the meaning of life.

Over many years of seeking a definitive answer to this question in books, art and science, and in both the dangerous and easy paths i have followed, i have found many answers.
None of them were true.
I am convinced now that a definitive answer will never be given to us in this life.
But, at the moment when we stand once more before the Creator, we will understand each opportunity that was offered to us.

And the Creator’s question will be: “Did you love enough?”
May God guide me and inspire me for the years to come, so I can answer: “yes”.

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Stories & Reflections


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