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The Desert

Author: Paulo Coelho

by Yasser Hareb

The moment he entered the oasis, the sound of the wind stopped. It was as if the universe had suddenly stopped breathing.

He saw an old man with his eyes closed, resting his head against one of the palm trees. He approached the old man and noticed he was smiling, as if he had been expecting him.
The old man slowly opened his eyes and said: “Welcome, son! You’ve finally arrived.”
The boy looked around fearing it was an ambush set up for him.

The old man smiled and said: “Don’t worry! There’s no one here. Sit for a while.
“I know you want to cross the desert. We’re all trying to do so. Some of us do it without even realizing it. ”

“Why is the desert so cruel to us?”

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Stories & Reflections


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