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Writing is a courageous act

Author: Paulo Coelho

Jorge Luis Borges says a few times that in reality there are only four stories that we can tell:

– a love story between two people
– a love story between three people
– the fight for power
– a trip

In any event, throughout the centuries, men and women continue telling these stories and it is time you do the same. Through the art of writing, you will enter in contact with your unknown Universe, and will start feeling a human being much more able than what you thought.

The same words can be read in different ways. You write ‘Love’ 1,000 times, for example. and in each occasion the feeling will be different.

Once the letters, the words and the sentences are drawn, the necessary tension for this to happen yet does not have a reason to be.

As a result, the hand on which the writing lies, and the heart smiles from the one that dares to share his feelings.
If someone goes past next to a writer that has completed a text, he will think that he has an empty look, and appears disturbed.

But the closed friends know that his thoughts change dimension, because now he is in touch with the whole Universe, he continues working, learning everything good that this text brings, correcting the eventual mistakes, accepting their virtues.

Writing is a courageous act. But it is worth taking the risk.

Trad. Marie-Christine

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