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Bookstores in UK- send @HarperCollinsUK your photos

Author: Paulo Coelho

HarperCollins, my publishing house in the United Kingdom, found a very creative way to check the distribution of ALEPH.
They posted the following tweets below (I edited in one tweet):
In honour of the amazing journey @paulocoelho takes in #Aleph, we want you to take journeys of your own, replying to us with your best pictures of you and the bookstore where you bought it. We’ll judge what we think is the most adventurous and inspiring photo, and announce the very lucky winner of £350 of Eurostar vouchers on Wednesday next week.
Please tag @HarperCollinsUK in the tweet, using the #Aleph hashtag
Alternatively, if you are not on Twitter, you can email your photos to:
[email protected]


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