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Accepting that we deserve our gifts

Author: Paulo Coelho

During a lecture in Australia, a young woman comes up, “I want to tell you something,” she says.

“I always believed I had a gift for curing people, but I never had the courage to use it on anyone. One day, my husband’s left leg was giving him great pain; there was no one about to help, and – mortally ashamed – I decided to place my hands on his leg and ask for the pain to go away.

“I acted not believing that I’d be able to help him. Suddenly, I heard him pray: “Lord, allow my wife to be the messenger of Your light, your Power,” he said. My hand began to heat up, and soon the pain had gone.

“Then I asked why he had prayed like that. He replied that he didn’t remember having said anything. Today I am able to cure, because he believed it was possible.”

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Stories & Reflections


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