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Asking for advice

Author: Paulo Coelho

People who are part of our daily life can give us important hints on decisions we need to take.

But for this purpose all that is needed is a sharp eye and an attentive ear, because those who have ready solutions are usually suspect.
It’s very dangerous to ask for advice. It’s very easy, but also very risky to lend advice, if we have a minimum sense of responsibility towards the other person.

If they need help, it’s best to show them some examples, seeing how others resolve – or don’t resolve – their problems.
Our angel often uses someone’s lips to tell us something, but this answer comes casually, usually at a moment when we do not let our worries overshadow the miracle of life.
Let the angels speak the way they are used to, which is at the moment they deem necessary.

Advice is just theory; living is always very different.

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Stories & Reflections


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