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A book for the price of a song

Author: Paulo Coelho

IMPORTANT NOTICE: PROMOTION IS VALID FOR USA & CANADA ONLY. If you click in the links outside these territories, the browser will show a different price
Em breve faremos isso com Portugues e Espanol. Editores já estí£o de acordo

One of my US publishers, Harper Collins, following a conversation with my agent Monica Antunes at the London Book Fair 2012, have decided to reduce the price of all my ebook titles (except the Alchemist) to 0,99 USD.
Which means a book now costs less than a cup of coffee!

This is a crucial decision for me. For years I have been advocating that free content is not a threat to the book business. In lowering the price of a book and equaling it to the price of a song in iTunes, the reader will be encouraged to pay for it, instead of downloading it for free.

The email sent by Harper does not specify for how long the promotion will last. If you are familiar with my presence in social communities but you never read any of my books, I strongly encourage you to act now.
If you download all the titles priced 0,99, you will spend USD 10,89 for 11 books (instead of USD  74,19, the normal price).

Here is the link to
Paulo Coelho Kindle Books
Paulo Coelho Nook Books
Paulo Coelho iBookstore Books

However, if you decide to download only one title, below you will find the list in best selling order (sales worldwide). Please click on the link on the right side of the title:
1] The Alchemist (not in the promotion!) ( Kindle + Nook + iBookstore )
2] Eleven Minutes Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
3] The Pilgrimage Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
4] The Manual of the Warrior of Light Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
5] By the River Piedra I sat down and wept Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
6] The Zahir Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
7] Veronika decides to die Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
8] The Witch of Portobello Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
9] Brida Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
10] The devil and Miss Prym Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
11] The winner stands alone Kindle + Nook + iBookstore

It is my (open) secret wish that pricing for ebooks will follow this trend.
And I count on you to help me to propagate this post. This may create a new paradigm. As I tweeted not so long ago: “life is changed by examples, not by opinions”.

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