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Aleph and the USA media

Author: Paulo Coelho

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“A new tale of magical longing. . . . Masterful.” “”San Francisco Chronicle

“Coelho is a novelist who writes in a universal language.” “”The New York Times

“Vivid, captivating. . . . So engaging that readers will not want to put it down for even a fraction of a second. As the author sets out on his journey, the reader gets the sense that, he too, is embarking on the same voyage.” “”The International Herald Tribune

“[A] chimerical tale. . . . There’s no better author to serve such a work than Coelho.” “”Publishers Weekly

“Enigmatic. . . . An illuminating book.” “”The National

“Borges set the standard that Coelho capably upholds. . . . Coelho the writer is both discerning and revealing of Coelho the protagonist, whose enthusiasms we share.” “”The Washington Independent Review

Aleph is a book written by the soul, and for the soul. And when you have finished the last word on the last page, your eternal spirit will be dancing with joy.” “”Cecilia Samartin, author of Broken Paradise

Reading Paulo’s book is such a magical experience. This book will truly open doors to self-discovery that you didn’t know existed. ALEPH holds the key to that doorway. Brendon Burchard, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, “The Millionaire Messenger”

“It’s time for American readers to set out on a journey of discovery that will lead them to the works of this exceptional writer.” “”USA Today

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Stories & Reflections


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