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Five Years in Paulo Coelho’s blog

Author: Paulo Coelho

(by Little Rich Girl)

Five years ago, a post I had written in my old blog Soul Work received this comment:

It then led to a series of exchanges with Paulo Coelho’s team, then finally to an email exchange with Mr. Coelho himself.

That experience taught me three important things:

Our idols and heroes are actually within reach.
Never underestimate the power of the Web to make things happen.
Trust your inner wisdom.

I’m revisiting all these now, not just to mark the fifth anniversary of my post being up on my favorite author’s blog, but also to remind myself that everything that I had written then still very much applies to me now. I wrote the original blog post nine years ago while I was in deep discernment over the direction my whole life was about to take, and while it first appears to speak about love it can actually apply to so many different areas of our lives. Now that I once again find myself in a life-changing crossroad, I need to remind myself that everything I need in order to make a decision is already here within me.

If, like me, you find yourself caught in a major crossroad and are in the middle of a deep search for meaning and fulfillment, then this post is for YOU. READ IT HERE

(I found this post by chance, but you are more than welcome to post your experience with this blog, and also to give me some ideas on how to improve it.
Thank you
Paulo Coelho )

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