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‘But who taught you that?’

Author: Paulo Coelho

A man decided to go in search of God.

And he went after the masters who were said to have profound knowledge about the reasons for which the universe had been created and promised to explain what God wanted from humanity.

‘But who taught you that?’ he asked the masters. ‘Was it God Himself?’

The masters would say many beautiful words, but they weren’t able to define exactly who taught them everything they preached to the four winds.

Therefore, after a few days of learning here and there, the man would always move on. In his travels he ended up learning about a valley in which the peasants affirmed that at a nearby mountain, God would speak to those who reached it.

And the man went to the mountain. He waited for three days, fasting and praying, but God didn’t approach him.

On the fourth day, already desperate, he shouted: ‘Where are you?’ Echo answered: ‘Where are you?’

And from that moment on, the man understood that God asked the same question and that He was seeking him too.

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Stories & Reflections


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