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Why I am not giving that many interviews

Author: Paulo Coelho

EN ESPANOL AQUI: ¿Por qué no doy entrevistas?
EM PORTUGUES AQUI: Por que ní£o dou entrevistas?


As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have given interviews regarding the release of any new book, including the newest one, MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN ACCRA. And this is in no way due to arrogance or disrespect towards journalists.
Alongside booksellers and readers, they contribute substantially to my success.

So why have I decided to refrain from interviews – with the exception of certain friends, with whom I have ties of gratitude?
There are several reasons.

1- Nowadays social networks allow me to reach out directly to the reader, saying: “This is my new title, read and recommend it if you like”. Therefore, the idea of promoting a book by means of the media consequently becomes redundant. I am present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+ (in Portuguese only)

2- I have always resisted the idea of having to explain what I have written. I believe the text should be sufficiently clear.

3- The cultural segments of the press that blossomed in my time have disappeared with the years.

4- In virtue of the above, questions arise that I do not have the least bit of patience to address, such as “Can you explain your success?” or “What do you do with your money?” Since these are in no way related with the creative process.

This certainly does not mean that I NEVER give interviews.
When I come across a subject I judge important then I always state my opinion on it- as for example, defending the open content on the web (I am pleased for you to pirate my work) – I am always available.

The same occurs when it comes to promoting authors I find relevant – as for example Khalil Gibran, that enlightened my youth.

I never refrain from making my opinion heard when I see certain atrocities in the political and cultural fields. My letter against the war in Iraq, ‘Thank you President Bush’ was read by half a billion people around the world.

Moreover, when Tony Blair was invited to be the “counselor” of the Rio Olympics, I immediately manifested myself, and managed to prevent his presence. (READ HERE)

I hope you understand me. I will not be silent when I need to speak loudly and in good tone.
Furthermore, what I feel I need to express nowadays is in the books or social networks that I personally administer.

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