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Everything is permitted, if everything is accepted

Author: Paulo Coelho

When we are too generous in the sexual act and our main preoccupation is with our partner’s pleasure, our own pleasure can be diminished or even destroyed.

When we are capable of giving and receiving with the same intensity, our body becomes as tense as the string on a bow, but our mind relaxes like the arrow about to be fired. Our brain is no longer in charge; instinct is our only guide.

Body and soul meet and the Divine Energy fills not only those parts that most people consider to be erotic, but every hair, every inch of skin, and they give off a light of a different colour. Two rivers meet to become a more beautiful, more powerful river.

Everything that is spiritual manifests itself in visible form and everything that is visible is transformed into spiritual energy.

Everything is permitted, if everything is accepted.
Sometimes love grows tired of speaking softly. Therefore, let it reveal itself in all its splendour, burning like the sun and destroying whole forests with its winds.

If one of the lovers surrenders completely, then the other will do the same, because embarrassment will have become curiosity, and curiosity leads us to explore all the things we did not know about ourselves.


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Stories & Reflections


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