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Free Association : The Ring

Author: Paulo Coelho

The ring is traditionally the symbol of eternity and of perfection.

In ancient times in Greece and in Rome, only men of great value could use iron rings. Gold rings would in turn only be used by priests of Jupiter and later on warriors.

In the middle ages, the ring symbolized not only marriage but it was also used as a sort of amulet capable of healing those who would wear it. Dead people would also be ridden of their rings so that they could enter the heavens, unburdened by their human condition.

Rings have also caught the imagination since antiquity for their magical powers. Plato in his book The Republic mentions the story of a shepherd called Gyges that found a ring that would turn him invisible. Gyges, given this tremendous power manages to seduce the queen of Lydia and overthrow the king.

Now you take the floor – what do you associate with the ring?

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