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Ideal conditions don’t exist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Relax. When we start our spiritual journey, we want so very hard to speak to God – and we end up not hearing what He has to tell us.
That is why it is always advisable to relax a little.
It is not easy: we have the natural tendency always to do the right thing, and we feel that we are going to improve our spirit is we work at it non-stop.

“Are you saying that I ought to be passive and not try to improve myself?”

That depends on how you see your work. We may feel that all that life can offer us tomorrow is to repeat what we did yesterday and today.
But if we pay attention we can see that no day is like another. Each and every morning brings a hidden blessing, a blessing that is only good for that particular day, for it cannot be kept or re-used.
If we don’t take advantage of this miracle today, it will be lost.

“But isn’t there some sure way of establishing this dialogue with the Divine, like meditation, for instance? Or endeavoring to make myself better every day?”

If that question can always be kept present, everything will fit together.
The ideal conditions that you are looking for don’t exist. We shall never be able to get rid of certain defects.

The trick lies in knowing that despite all your flaws you have a reason for being here, and you have to honor that reason.

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Stories & Reflections


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